Nanoha A’s – DVD 1


Nanoha A’s DVD 1 (Episodes 01-03)
DVD booklet translations

Linker Core
As the name suggests, an organ in a mage’s (knight’s) body which works to link and manifest Mana generated within themself.
The disposition of a mage thus depends on their Linker Core, and currently any analysis of a mage’s abilities are done by examining the Linker Core.

遠隔通話 – Long-distance communication
With a relationship as Master and Guardian Knight, Hayate and Shamal can communicate via telepathy, but to match Hayate’s lifestyle as a normal civilian, Shamal’s transmissions from Klarwind are transferred to Hayate’s cell phone.
Shamal was given a cell phone by Hayate, which she normally uses, but in this case she forgot it at home.

Mirror of Travels
Shamal’s specialty spell, a Transfer spell which connects space via a “mirror”. Typically, Transfer magic is used to transfer oneself or an object from one’s current location to another location, but instead this spell is used to “retrieve” a specific object from a specific location. Originally not an offensive spell due to the difficulty of penetrating the body of a target with protective wear or functioning magic defenses, but in this case, Nanoha’s Barrier Jacket was destroyed, and extreme exhaustion resulting from the large spell she activated put her in an extremely defenseless state momentarily, which Shamal took advantage of to aim and activate her spell.


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