Nanoha A’s – DVD 4


Nanoha A’s DVD 4 (Episodes 08-09)
DVD booklet translations

Cards inscribed with a magic array, and charged with Mana. A disposable Mana storage tool which works similar to a simple cartridge, and does not require combustion within a device. It is believed that each card is charged using the owner’s Mana over a long period of time, and then saved in this form.

Unity-type Device
Also commonly known as a Unison Device. A device form developed only by Belka, it is a type of device that has taken the design idealogy of the Midchildan Intelligent Device to extremes. Devices possessing their own wills, and given complete human form and sentience, these devices can “unite” with users to provide Mana control and assistance according to circumstances. These devices exceeds other forms greatly in response speed and in the volume of Mana handled; however users suitable for Unison are rare, and much work is required to fine-tune and ensure compatibility towards the disposition of each specific user. Furthermore, since by nature these devices can cause loss of conciousness and other effects during Unison, these devices have emergency countermeasures set that are independant of the host’s awareness, allowing even solitary users to employ these devices on themselves, enhancing Mana usage. However, at times these devices may “take over” the user and operate autonomously, causing a “Unison accident”, so these devices were nearly never manufactured practically. During a successful Unison, striking hair or pupil color changes become apparent. However, whether the appearance after Unison is more similar to the user or the device depends on whether the user can manage the device. In the event that a user cannot handle the device, the user will lose all control, and will completely take on the appearance of the device.


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