Nanoha StrikerS – DVD 3


Nanoha StrikerS DVD 3 (Episodes 07-09)
DVD booklet translations

集束砲 – Accumulatory Cannonfire
(StS DVD3)
Spells which uses one’s own mana to accumulate released Mana in the surroundings, then reuses and re-releases it as a bombardment attack.
These accumulatory skills are unique in that they allow reuse of Mana which has already been used. Furthermore, in addition to magic released by the user, Mana released by any opponents can also be collected and reused, allowing enormous output potential. For Bombardment Mages, these attacks can be said to be nigh-impossible ultimate attacks; however, in cases dealing with Mana levels greatly exceeding the user’s limits, the burden placed on the user’s body can be prodigious.

シュートバレット バレットF – Shoot Barret – Barret F
(StS DVD3)
A guided shot which automatically locks onto any heat sources, using a high powered explosive bullet.
Since automatically guided bullets allow the user to be completely free after firing, these skills have merit in allowing the user to transition quickly to their next action.

砲撃魔法 – Bombardment Magic
(StS DVD3)
There are a number of paths that “Shooting types” can choose to take. There are “shooting specialists” who focus solely on mid-range firing, or “all-purpose types” using other support spells and covering all ranges. “Bombardment types” release spells of enormous power. Finally, there are “sniper types” with the potential to attack from ranges outside of normal combat. Tiana’s usage of shooting and illusion skills makes her specialization similar to all-purpose types, but in addition to that, she has also loaded high-powered out-range bombardment attacks into her personal weapon.

パンツァーシルト – Panzerschild
(StS DVD3)
An Ancient Belkan style shield-type defensive spell. A defense using a rebounding effect, it protected against the laser attack of the Type III drone.

ファントムブレイザー – Phantom Blazer
(StS DVD3)
Tiana’s “long range sniper cannon attack”. Uses a Target Ring instead of a circular magic array. When fired at long range, a laser sight is also used, increasing the accuracy of the spell. Out of all of Tiana’s skills, Phantom Blazer has the highest power, but it takes time for the attack to activate.

召喚魔法 – Summoning Magic
(StS DVD3)
Experts of Summoning Magic often excel in Transfer Magic as well.
Since using repeated Remote Summons makes guerrilla warfare-like maneuvers possible, in situations where the opposing force has summoners, the defending force must aim to have rapid and flexible countermeasures.


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