Nanoha StrikerS – DVD 2


Nanoha StrikerS DVD 2 (Episodes 04-06)
DVD booklet translations

魔導師の食事 – A mage’s diet
For mages, Mana in the atmosphere is linked together in an organ, the “Linker core”, and stored within their body. For quick replenishment, a balanced diet consisting of sugars, carbohydrates and proteins is essential, as are a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body. Therefore out of necessity, mages undergoing hard training during their early growth period eat a much larger diet compared to an ordinary person. Furthermore, pasta and other noodle-type foods are easily digested, so these types of food, known as 「Loading Foods」, are loved by many mages, since they allow for quick energy and Mana replenishment.

AMF濃度 – AMF Concentration
As AMF concentration increases, the time before linked Mana is unbound becomes shorter. A Type I drone’s expansion field has a concentration of 60-80%, while a Type III drone’s generator field has a concentration of over 100% (120~200%); therefore, the area of effect is also configured to be wider.

Cartridge Barrels
Cross Mirage uses a specially designed cartridge mechanism, storing four cartridges in the barrel apparatus, which can be swapped out. Compared to normal ammunition loading, this makes an incredible increase in reloading speed possible. These barrels can also be dismounted and reloaded normally, to account for a variety of circumstances.

竜魂召喚 – Dragon Soul Summon
Fried, Caro’s contracted dragon, normally accompanies Caro in a small form, but through a “Dragon Soul Summon” Fried can revert to its natural form. To have an enormous summoned beast with them, and to have the power of their natural forms ready at all times, Soul Summoning can be said to be an indispensable spell for summoners who normally have a summoned beast accompany them; however, because it is an advanced spell, the number of practitioners is small, even among summoners. Fried’s natural form is a rare “flying dragon” from the Alzus territory. Fried can fly through the air with Caro on its back, breathing flames.

(StS DVD2)
A Boost Device, specializing in Mana augmentation, manufactured for Caro’s use. Scrapping the complex magic support functions found in regular devices, Kerykeion boosts Caro’s own Mana, and specializes in releasing it in the most suitable form for the task at hand. Kerykeion was tuned with two main points in mind: to reduce the amount of Mana needed during Summoning, and to strengthen Boost magic. Regarding its AI, Kerykeion is relatively amenable. In the words of the master devicer Shario, the Lightning Squad devices are “pretty similar in personality to their users”.

出力リミッター/能力限定 – Output Limiter / Ability restriction
The set total number of mage ranks within each unit is basically an ambiguous standard, depending on connections or left to the whims of a Human Resources officer, which is used to prevent any particular unit from amassing powerful mages. Unlike equipment, this measurement can fluctuate (mage ranks can go up or down depending on examinations and updates). Since “Rank = the level of ability” is not true, these Limiter settings can be used to accommodate the rank restrictions to some extent, and there is an tacit understanding of this loophole. Limiters for high ranking mages normally restrict only output, and can only be released in extreme situations after receiving approval. This is similar to how a normal organization is restricted from carrying excessive weaponry during normal missions, only using such equipment in times of emergency.

レリック – Relic
A Lost Logia categorized as Dangerous. Up to now, their true purpose is unknown; however the existance of “someone” using Gadgets to collect them is the provisional basis for the creation of Riot Force 6.

レリックウェポン – Relic Weapon
Details are still unclear at this point.
The only pieces that can be confirmed are “a Lost Logia with an unclear purpose,” and “a doctor engaged in physical modification.”

聖王教会 – Saint Church
A world religion, boasting the longest reach in the Interdimensional World. A religion with a history continuing since Ancient Belkan times, the “Saint King” of Ancient Belka received his calling as a prophet, and “the Saint Movement” was established to spread these teachings. Afterwords, since the Saint King accomplished great achievements time and again, in the present day the Saint King himself has become the idol of the belief. Even though there are some small differences in creed on different worlds or territories, compared to other religions “the Saint Movement” is relatively liberal, and because of that there are many believers. In many scenic areas, the churches are also well known sight-seeing stops due to their beauty. The Grand Cathedral in the Belka Self-Governing Region is especially well known for this reason, and so is a popular location for weddings among young people.

Special Care Center
A children’s care center within the Bureau. Primarily cares for children with special magic powers or rare skills. Providing mental counseling and a wholesome mental and physical upbringing for its wards, many children suffering from harsh backgrounds or experiences are brought up at this Center, and go on to have outstanding lives. Starting from when Erio was four years old, he spent five years at the Center. During this time, he began to build up a parent-child-like relationship with the meddlesome Fate, who would go out of her way between work to visit.

バルディッシュアサルト&バリアジャケット・インパルスフォーム – Bardiche Assault & Barrier Jacket ・ Impulse Form
(StS DVD2)
“Bardiche Assault”, owned by Fate T. Harlaown, is a battle-axe/scythe-shaped Intelligent Device. Not only a powerful melee weapon, Bardiche Assault is also proficient in providing magic support. Even as early as during its design stages, Fate’s future capabilities were taken into account, and after spending ten years together, with continuing tune-ups and upgrades, and bonds formed together while fighting, it has become an astonishingly balanced device. Bardiche Assault’s AI is taciturn and loyal. The Impulse Form of Fate’s Barrier Jacket is also well balanced, with high speed maneuver enhancement as a foundation, while taking into consideration the need for defensive capabilities at the same time. The Jacket Change system is also in good condition, with a separate super high speed maneuver form prepared.

魔法防御 – Magic defences
(StS DVD2)
Since they have frequent direct contact with many enemies, and in some circumstances may need to shield their allies, strong defenses are even more important than offensive power for Front Attackers. The proper usage and output enhancement of Barrier, Shield, and Field defenses, and the speed at which said defenses can be deployed, is something that Front Attackers cannot ignore.

レイジングハートエクセリオン&バリアジャケット・アグレッサーモード – Raising Heart Exelion & Barrier Jacket ・ Aggressor Mode
(StS DVD2)
“Raising Heart Exelion” is a loyal, transformable staff-shaped Intelligent Device in Takamachi Nanoha’s possession. Starting with Shooting and Bombardment support, it is extremely specialized in providing magical assistance, boosting and drawing out the power of Nanoha’s skills. Whether in victory or defeat, toil or glory, the two have been fighting together for the last ten years, and have reached a stage where they are “one in body and soul”. Raising Heart Exelion’s AI can be described as calm, and at the same time passionate. Aggressor Mode excels as a light-weight, all-purpose Barrier Jacket mode, and because the Mana expenditure is kept low, it is suitable for long periods of activity (primarily combat instruction). While this mode was not designed for personal combat against formidable enemies, because it has the merit of being able to be deployed rapidly with little resources expended, Aggressor Mode’s specifications are more than sufficient for squad level or regular combat. Furthermore, a Jacket Change system to match Nanoha’s Limiter Release system has been installed, so other jackets with qualities that match Nanoha’s original fighting style are also prepared.

ストームレイダー – Storm Raider
(StS DVD2)
The Intelligent Device that Vice requested be loaded into the JF704 copter. Beginning with flight support and control assistance, Storm Raider is involved with many supporting functions in the copter.
Additionally, the helicopter itself is designated as [JF704], while the Intellisystem is called [Storm Raider].

召喚士一族 – Summoner tribes
(StS DVD2)
Although they are few in number, there are a number of Summoner tribes on several worlds. Since “Summoning” involves an inseparable relationship with the subject creature, no matter if it is one of friendship or servitude, most summoner tribes live together with their summons in extremely remote wilderness areas. Summoners with great skill interacting with or using their summons are held in high regard within summoner tribes, but it is not rare to see cases where summoners who are too young and powerful are exiled. Tribal chiefs often decide to do this, in order to avoid any disputes, and to maintain the peace in the tribe.

Reinforce II Knight’s Garb & The Book of the Azure Sky
(StS DVD2)
Ancient Belkan practitioners generally equip defensive attire known as “Knight Armor”, but the Guardian Knights wear “Knight’s Garb”, designed by Hayate. (Concerning this, details can be found in the “Book of Darkness Incident” data files) Similarly, the Unison Device Reinforce II dons Knight’s Garb when advancing to the front lines. As fitting the support-type Reinforce II, although it does not provide top-class protection, Knight’s Garb allows for more agile maneuvering. The Book of the Azure Sky is a storage device. Similar to Hayate, Reinforce Zwei’s personal device holds an enormous volume of magic data, which is not used independantly, but makes up half of the magic data available during a Unison.

Variable Barret
(StS DVD2)
For use against an AMF, a multi-coated shot allowing Field penetration. With Cross Mirage providing support, Variable Barret can now be formed instantaneously.


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