StrikerS Sound Stage 04 nano! – Final AS-Nano Release


Yes, I know there’s still Sound Stage X, and the Movie nanos, which had to appear a month ago. Due to lack of interest and other commitments, I’ve decided to stop here as selkirk declared that we would finish it back when it was only up to SS04. (Yeah, I’m lazy like that. :P)

Big thanks and props to raizoo, whose skill in editing allowed me to continue with the Sound Stage nanos until now. Also, he seems to want to get to the rest of these, so if there are any Japanese -> English or Chinese -> English translators who want to try their hand at these 4koma, do hop on over to GiB and leave a comment!




2 Responses to “StrikerS Sound Stage 04 nano! – Final AS-Nano Release”

  1. aoi1990 Says:

    This is sad, very sad… I’ve just started to read these stories and now I have to stop reading it. But I want to thank you for the work that you’ve already done.

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