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StrikerS Sound Stage 04 nano! – Final AS-Nano Release

February 2, 2010

Yes, I know there’s still Sound Stage X, and the Movie nanos, which had to appear a month ago. Due to lack of interest and other commitments, I’ve decided to stop here as selkirk declared that we would finish it back when it was only up to SS04. (Yeah, I’m lazy like that. :P)

Big thanks and props to raizoo, whose skill in editing allowed me to continue with the Sound Stage nanos until now. Also, he seems to want to get to the rest of these, so if there are any Japanese -> English or Chinese -> English translators who want to try their hand at these 4koma, do hop on over to GiB and leave a comment!




StrikerS Sound Stage 03 nano!

December 13, 2009

Once again in conjunction with GiB. I know I’m taking longer and longer to do these again… I do plan on finish translating them before semester starts again, which is early January-ish.



Q-Ice comics post-106

November 30, 2009

Well, long story short, the q-ice comics are starting to be translated again. Not by selkirk, though. The good people at GiB have been continuing where we left off for a quite a while. I do realise I’m kind of slow on the uptake on these. :P

Do support their other doujin scanlations as well!


As for the nanos, I’m halfway through SS03 after going through crunch time in one piece. They’ll come pre-tty soon…

StrikerS Sound Stage 02 nano!

October 5, 2009

Once again in conjunction with GiB. They sure get talky in these, it’s an audio drama after all.

01 020304050607080910


StrikerS Sound Stage 01 nano!

September 6, 2009

AS-nano is still dead lol. Just that raizoo sorta revived the nano project, and so here we are. To the ten people who still view this site, enjoy!


StrikerS nano 141-182

October 7, 2007

Complete batch download (001-182): Batch Download

Episode 21



StrikerS nano 106-140

October 7, 2007

Episode 16




StrikerS nano 71-105

October 7, 2007

Episode 11




StrikerS nano 36-70

October 7, 2007

Episode 6




StrikerS nano 01- 35

October 7, 2007

Episode 1